CreditCat loan app Review 2022 (is it real or not)

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CreditCat loan app Review 2022

CreditCat gives the privilege of applying for a personal loan at your convenience in Pakistan. Everyone who meets the basic requirements can apply with us. CreditCat Brings you close to a team of professionals to help you through a hassle free and quicker procedure of getting your loan approved. You just need to fill out some basic information online, then you can enjoy the benefits that come with the package. Choose the loan according to your need and get the money safely transferred to your account instantly after approval. Let us help you through!

CreditCat loan app Review 2022

App interest Rate Details

  • Loan Amount: from PKR 2,000 to PKR 50,000
  • Loan Term: from 91 days to 365 days
  • APR (weekly interest rate): 34%-44%
  • Minimum APR: 10%
  • Other fees: 500+

Permissions and Compatibility




300 reviews





App permissions:


Wi-Fi connection


WhatsApp Number



House 18, Street 68,f8/3,Islamabad

Released on

Sep 2, 2022

Updated on

Sep 13, 2022

Requires Android

7.0 and up

Download Size

14 MB




Device ID & call information



Support Email

Loan Example

If you apply for a loan with the principle amount of PRK 2,000 and the loan term is 120 days (4 months), the annual interest rate is 10%, other fees is 0, then you need to pay as follows:

Loan amount disbursed in hand: 2,000

Total interest payable: 2,000*10%*120/365=66

Daily interest: 2,000*10%/365=0.55

The total payable amount : 2,000+66=2,066

Monthly payment amount: 2,066/4=516.5

How to apply CreditCat Loan?

1. Install CreditCat app from Google Play and register an account with your mobile number.

2. Fill out the basic application forms online within 3-5 mins.

3. Submit your application and get approved soon.

4. Loan disbursed instantly into your bank account.

5.Repay your loan on time.

6.Get another loan with a higher amount, longer term and lower fees.

Eligibilities CreditCat Loan

  1. You need to be a Pakistani citizen
  2. You hold a valid ID Card
  3. You have a stable source of income or an employment

Meta force kya hai? in urdu میٹا فورس کیا ہے؟

Security and privacy protection

When you use our app, we might ask for some permissions of mobile phone information to better assist you during the usage. This process can also help us to determine your eligibility for the application. All data will be protected in a bank level security and this data will never be disclosed to any third parties without your consent.

Contact information

Online customer service: We recommend you to contact us by our online customer service within our APP.

Customer care email:

Customer service working hours: 9AM – 6PM (Monday - Sunday)

Address: No. 12, Third Floor, Moscow Plaza, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan, 44010

Conclusion and disclaimer

In 2022 it may be legit, or maybe not that this app is working. Because after releasing a few real apps, many apps were released and started sc*mming. Install it on your risk.

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