Nisbat Loan app honest Review (Is it Legit or not)?

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What is the Nisbat Loan app?

Nisbat Loan app is a personal loan application that provides instant cash loans to users and offers up to 25000. It is a legitimate app available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. There are some reports of Nisbat Loan apps. We'll help you sort out the facts so that you can decide if this app is right for you!

The Nisbat Loan app is a new and convenient way to apply for a personal loan. It is an online application that makes getting the money you need easy and fast.

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How does it work?

The application process is straightforward. To apply for a loan, you must create an account and provide personal and financial information. Once approved for a loan, you'll be able to choose the repayment terms and schedule that work best for you. You can repay your loan early without penalties, and there are no hidden fees or charges.

How to get Nisbat Loan?

Nisbat Loan app is an online lending platform that offers short-term loans to eligible borrowers. You need to complete basic information about yourself and your financial situation. Once you submit your application, you will get a decision in just a few seconds.
The money will be deposited into your account within 24 hours if approved. You can use the funds for any purpose you like, and there are no restrictions on how you use the money.
It is quick, easy, and convenient. If you need a loan, I recommend you check out the Nisbat Loan app!

Requirement of Loan

Age: 21-52 years
Citizen;: Pakistan
Monthly Income: 40000 above

Is the Nisbat Loan app safe to use?

Nisbat Loan app is a new mobile application that promises to offer users access to quick and easy loans. However, given the recent surge in reports of loan apps being used to people, many wonder if the Nisbat Loan app is safe.

While the app requires users to provide personal information, such as their name and contact details, it does not ask for any sensitive financial information. It means that, even if the app were to be compromised, sca**ers could not access users' bank accounts or other private data.

Is the Nisbat Loan app 100% secure?

In short, while no loan app can ever be 100% safe, the Nisbat Loan app has ensured its users' information is as secure as possible. As long as you are careful about who you lend money to and only borrow from trusted sources, using the Nisbat Loan app should not pose any risks.

Even though the Nisbat Loan app has some negatives, it can be a good option for people who need a loan and don't qualify for traditional bank loans. If they follow play store financial policies.

Permissions and Compatibility

App permissions:



Wi-Fi connection


















2.89K reviews




Released on

July 28, 2022

Updated on

30 Sept 2022

Requires Android

5.0 and up

Download Size

19 MB

Support Email


58T Block, Gulberg II, P O Box, Lahore. Pakistan

Contact Number




Some benefits of using the Nisbat Loan app include:

Access to a wide range of lenders: Nisbat Loan app gives borrowers access to an extensive network of lenders, which increases the chances of finding a loan that meets their needs.

Transparency and convenience: The platform is designed to be transparent and easy to use, so borrowers can easily compare loan offers and choose the one that suits them best.

Fast and easy application process: The process is quick and straightforward, so borrowers can quickly get the money they need.

Nisbat Loan app Developer contact details

If you encounter any problems, please contact us by
Address; 58T Block, Gulberg II, P O Box, Lahore. Pakistan
Contact Number; 03430580313, 03430580313

Most helpful reviews

Obaidullah Baig (8 September 2022)

scammer who provides information to criminals they call you blackmail you and ask to transfer funds to provide accounts. Now today after applying loan one month before they send me sms "[NisbatLoan]Error notify: your loan funding is failed due to the error bank card info.Please sign in to our app for re borrowing." I logged in with app. there they state my application is rejected apply again after 30 days.

7 people found this review helpful

Ahtisham Dawood (5 September 2022)

It's been easy to get loan thanks

2 people found this review helpful


According to play store reviews and app permissions, there might be a high chance of scamming. Before downloading or installing the Nisbat Loan app, you should read this post.

Nisbat Loan app

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